Philanthropy Week promotes student giving

Southeastern’s annual Philanthropy Week will be held Nov. 7-10 with the intent of promoting the spirit of giving and raising awareness of campus initiatives.

The four-day event will include a blood drive with door prizes, a chance to write thank you cards to active duty military and veterans, a hamburger and hotdog cookout, a black light volleyball tournament and an “anything-but-cans” food drive.

Olivia Habetz, student philanthropy coordinator, is working within Southeastern’s University Advancement Division to plan the event.

“Philanthropy Week is a nationwide event that we have decided to incorporate on campus,” Habetz said. “We try to promote giving back to the university and the students. The events, such as the blood drive and the letters to veterans, are about giving back to others.”

According to Habetz, Southeastern has three main philanthropic initiatives all facilitated by Lion Legacy Association: Phil the Pig and the Green Piggy Bank Campaign, Lion Legacy Association’s student giving initiatives promoted primarily through Grad Fair, and the Student  Food Pantry.

Habetz said Lion Legacy Association members will serve as volunteers during Philanthropy Week. Phil the Pig and the Food Pantry are directly related to one another because change collected in green “Little Phil” piggy banks handed out to students is used to fund the Student Food Pantry, she said.

According to Lynn Horgan, director of development, encouraging students to donate, no matter how little the amount may be, builds the foundation for a lifetime of giving back.

“The theory is that if students can see the benefit of what giving can do for their school while they are students, they will continue to give long after graduation.” Horgan said.

Horgan said there is a key difference between fundraising and philanthropy.

“Promoting the student philanthropy initiatives is a teaching tool, and it is not designed to specifically or only raise funds. It is to raise awareness and give knowledge and experience,” she said.

According to Malayne Sharp, student philanthropy coordinator, the main goal of Philanthropy Week is to engage students.

“We want them to be aware that there is a whole week to give back to whatever organization you are passionate about,” she said.

Sharp said there is a greater push to promote campus initiatives this year so students can see the benefits of each campaign, as well as the connections that bind them.

“This year, we’re connecting everything to the Food Pantry,” she said. “When we have the Phil the Pig mascot out there, we want students to connect it to the Food Pantry and know that’s where the money is going.”

According to Habetz, the food drive to be held on Thursday Nov. 10 will directlyfoodpantry benefit the Food Pantry.

“We’re asking students to donate anything but cans,” she said. “We have so many cans already, and students want things like fruit cups, granola bars and peanut butter, not cans. We also accept school supplies, shampoo, soap and other little things some students don’t have the luxury of having.”

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