Performance attendance possibilities are endless

[Hammond, La.] With graduation approaching in December, music majors are winding down their final requirements for their Bachelors of Music with performances available to the public every night of the week.

“Southeastern’s Fine and Performing Arts mission is to foster excellence in visual, musical and dramatic arts education and to create an atmosphere of creativity and innovation for both the university community and the Northshore region,” wrote Dale Newkirk, Interim Department Head.

Students, faculty, staff and the public can watch student performances in Pottle Music Auditorium Sunday through Saturday starting at 5 p.m .on most nights.

Attendees file into the Auditorium to watch the performances for the night.

Attendees file into the Auditorium to watch the performances for the night.

Fine and Performing Art students must fulfill recital performances as listed in their curriculum or course catalog. Jonathan Dupre, Kalee Broussard and Amon Straughter performed on Nov. 6. Dupre and Broussard performed various vocal performances, and Straughter brought a different flair to the stage with guitar performances.

“I went to the show, and I enjoyed it. I thought each performer showed exactly what they could do and what they want to do. The set-lists were available to the audience so they could keep up with the performance,” said Kevin McNeil, music major and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia member.

“I know how hard all these students work to get their performances show ready. They put in countless hours of practice and dedication to get their set-lists just right. After four years of training and education, I believe my students are ready for real world experience,” said music professor David Johansen.

The vocal performances from Dupre and Broussard included works from the early 1600s to the late 1900s. Both performers offered their own perspective to the works from famous composers such as Mozart and Purcell. Each performer offered the crowd a different tone with the use of piano, clarinet, soprano and tenor options.

Evelyn Bennett, an instrumental music major, said, “I have been going to these performances for over two years now. I really enjoy seeing all the hard work my peers put forth in order to entertain the crowd while still fulfilling their requirements for graduation.”

Southeastern’s music program offers a variety of training, education and guidance to students who are devoted to the field of fine and performing arts in both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Department of Music and Dramatic Arts along with the Department of Visual Arts, combined to create the Department of Fine and Performing Arts in August of 2010. This combination of the programs offers music and performance majors the opportunity for more collaboration within their field of study.

For more information on Southeastern Louisiana University’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts visit the website.

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