Pennington Center offers activities for students

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The Pennington Student Activity Center located on Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus has quite the calendar for this fall semester. There is always something going on at the recreational center, also known as the Rec. It has a fully equipped gym, four basketball courts, and a 1/8 of a mile indoor track.

The Rec is located just north of campus across from the University Center. Graduated student Raymond Jones commented, “Along with our usual Late Night Southeastern and De-Stress, students can enjoy half price massages and our Rec study hall every weekend. We are also offering a cross training exercise class, interval 30.”

Senior, Jill LeBlanc talked about her favorite parts of the Rec. “Whenever I go to the rec I like to use the track and sauna.” These are just some of the resources that are offered through the Rec. The facility also provides classes like cycling and Zumba. The Rec offers multiple ways to get in shape and stay in shape. LeBlanc continues, “I know about the Zumba classes and interval 30 and they look like something I would be interested in.”

Interval Rec is a type of cross fit workout class that is highly intense and push your body to the limit. Not many people have heard of programs such as interval 30. LeBlanc provided input on what she would tell other students about the Rec, “I think most students would definitely be interested in knowing that we have a lot of equipment for them to use that is free of charge.”

There are plenty of opportunities for students to use the many facilities the university provides including the Rec. Going to the Rec is hassle free. All students need to do to use the facility is wear proper tennis shoes, have a towel, and present your Southeastern ID when checking in to the facility. Jones added, “The Rec has a lot to offer to the students of Southeastern, it’s just up to the students to take advantage of it”.

If you are looking for more information, simply visit the Rec’s page. The website provides everything from a schedule of workout classes, to hours of operation, and even some general rules of the facility.

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