Pelican Park gets ready for a safe spring baseball season amid pandemic.

By: Brendan Adams

Pelican Park is preparing for another baseball season as the coronavirus is still a concern and affecting millions of people.

As the coronavirus is still a concern in America, many sports teams at recreational parks are carefully beginning the process of starting up sports for the spring, and Pelican Park is no exception. Registration for baseball goes from March 1 through 16. The excitement is building for everyone, as players and coaches are preparing for another season of baseball.

Charles Porche, a coach during the fall season, says the younger group did a good job adjusting to the new Covid-19 guidelines, especially the younger group of players: “I think personally, the kids are only 7 and 8 years old, so the adjustment, as far as Covid was concerned really was not a matter to them, as much as it was for the coaches. So, yeah, I think they adjusted fine to it. They just continued to play baseball.” 

There will not be any attendance restrictions for the new season, due to it being an outdoor sport, but there are restrictions with other parts of the game. Players must be more cognizant of their equipment, as the new rules prohibit players from sharing equipment.

Along with staying six feet apart, there are also hand sanitizer stations located around the ballparks for players, parents and coaches to stay safe.

 Traci Plaisance, the Recreation Superintendent of Pelican Park, gave more information on the ways that Pelican Park is keeping everyone safe: “We are asking the parents, if they sit in the stands, only sit in their family pods. We have also extended areas for them to sit along the fence in their own chairs. For the kids in the dugouts, we have extended the dugouts to give them more space.”

The extension of the dugouts lets players have their own area to sit in the dugout, and the park has spent a substantial amount of money to ensure that teams had enough catcher’s gear where the kids would not have to share.

David Bonicard, the Recreational Supervisor at Pelican Park, is proud of the park’s new Covid regulations, and how effective it is for everyone: “We are cleaning all of the equipment after every person touches them, the kids are cleaning their own gloves. They (coaches) are splitting them up, where they normally would have them in groups doing things, they are putting them in the field, putting them on the bases separately. The system is very well, it is working very well.”

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