PEEPS kick starting the semester off

PEEPS members

As a new semester begins, organizations begin to have their meetings and create an agenda for the spring. One of these organizations at Southeastern is PEEPS, or Peer Educators Educating Peers.  Within the next few weeks, PEEPS members are planning to do things on and off campus. On Feb. 10, PEEPS is participating in a browse for students to acquire knowledge about the different organizations on campus. At the booth ran by PEEPS members, there will also be information about the dangers of substance abuse. On Feb. 14, students will have another chance to browse organizational booths for information.

On Feb. 17, the 26th Annual Krewe of Omega Parade will take place for the Hammond community. Fresh PEEPS, a branch of the PEEPS organization, plans to put up a barricade on 1200 N General Pershing St. in front of Southeastern’s lab school. According to PEEPS advisor, Courtney Harrington, there will be policemen from the school and the city of Hammond to create a safe environment for families who choose to attend. There will be games, slides and other types of fun for the children. The idea to have a safe environment is to help parents worry less about their young children’s safety.  The parade starts at 6:30 and will follow the official Hammond parade route.

Students tend to enjoy the events that PEEPS arranges every semester according to Barras. “Mocktails is a favorite among the students,” said Bryce Barras, the president of PEEPS. “Safe Spring Break” and “Mardi-D-Gras” are also favorites. PEEPS is made up of SLU students with a 2.0 GPA or higher. This organization was created to inform others of the importance of moderation with alcohol and also the dangers of drunk driving.

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