Partying With The Puppies


[Hammond] The Biology Undergraduate Society (BUG) hosted a Puppy Party Pet Adoption Day outside the Student Union at Southeastern Louisiana University Tuesday, April 20, 2015.

The Puppy Party Pet Adoption was about homeless dogs finding a good home and getting adopted. The BUG Society has been around Southeastern Louisiana University for five years. BUG Society President Jacob Smith explained that this was the first adoption day BUG has put on at Southeastern Louisiana University. Smith said, “It’d be nice to do once a year. Every animal needs a home.”

The adoption day was set up outside the Southeastern Student Union. The society hosted a party for dogs that were up for adoption, sold club T-shirts for $15 dollars and took donations to benefit the Tangipahoa Animal Shelter. The T-shirts were yellow and said “Biology Undergraduate Society” and “Puppy Party Adoption Day” on the back of the shirt with six pictures of dogs.

The prominent “guests” of the adoption party were seven dogs: Buddy, a Long-Haired Dotson; Honey, a Jack Russell Terrier mix; Bella, a Chihuahua mix; Benji, a Terrier mix; Annebell, Chihuahua; Eaquity, a Cocker Spaniel; and Baby, a Chihuahua. The dogs were from the Tangipahoa Animal Shelter. All the dogs were kept in kennels and could be held by any of the students after they signed a waiver. The dogs were mostly out of the kennels because the students were so anxious to hold them in their arms.

Multiple members of the Biology Undergraduate Society handled the dogs and made sure the adoption day party went on with ease. The former president of the Biology Undergraduate Society, Katelyn Williams, said, “I’d say do this once a semester. Finding the dogs a home is great.”

Among the other attendees of the party was Jake Rogers of Animal Control. Rogers said, “We brought the dogs. We were asked to come and see if the dogs get adopted.” Rogers mentioned that the adoption rate is 90 percent positive, but that the percentage fluctuates from time to time depending on the amount of dogs that are admitted and adopted from the animal shelter. Students could adopt any of the dogs by filling out an application forms and paying a $70 dollar fee. The fee covers the dog getting neutered and their first set of shots.

Raven Anthony, a Kennel Assistant for the Tangipahoa Animal Shelter, was also in attendance. Her job included taking care of the animals and making sure they are comfortable. Anthony said, “I’m here to make sure the dogs get adopted, that the dogs will get the love and affection they need and a good home.”

Anthony also mentioned that 20 to 25 dogs are ready for adoption at the animal shelter and that 50 to 60 dogs are brought to the shelter every day for care. She said dogs were not the only animals needing a home; that Caesarea also available for adoption at the animal shelter as well for $60 dollars.

Angelle Pellerin adopted Honey the Jack Russell mix. Pellerin said she adopted Honey because she needed a companion. Pellerin mentioned that she enjoyed the adoption day. “It’s a perfect place to come to look at cute dogs,” she said.

Pellerin adopted, but many students could not adopt a dog. Madison Vige said, “I’d love to adopt a dog, but my mom would kill me.”

Meghan Johnson was one of many students that held a dog, but she still could not adopt. Johnson said, “Love it. Sad I can’t get one, but I love it.” Throughout the day, the party was crowded with eager students waiting to touch and pet the dogs.

Three out of the seven dogs were adopted as the party came to a close. Along with Honey the Jack Russell mix, Annebell the Chihuahua mix and Eaquity the Cocker Spaniel also found homes. The remaining dogs were brought back to the Tangipahoa Animal Shelter.

President Smith of the Biology Undergraduate Society said that the entire adoption party had been a huge success.



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