Parking Fury

Parking Fury

By: Daijah Anderson

September 14, 2017


Hammond, La—As a student at Southeastern Louisiana University, students except an exciting social and college experience, a top raking education, and a safe living environment; although Southeastern is a wonderful institute to pursue, the hectic new parking policy for the semester makes the university not wonderful at this time.


Tyler Morris, a Southeastern Alumnus, states his opinion on the parking issues on campus while commuting from Baton Rouge to Hammond for grad school.


“I have been attending Southeastern 2010, and in all of my years it has never been so hard to find a parking spot. People are literally just parking their cars any and everywhere because there are so little spots. It is hot outside and it takes forever to get from one class to the next, when all Southeastern has to do is expand the parking spots. I have no idea why the school closed so many accesses to parking spots anyway. It makes me want to move on campus and finish my education just because this parking situation is unnecessary and annoying.”


For senior Health System Management major, Michelle Robinson it makes it extremely difficult to find a spot on campus due to commuting from New Orleans. Robinson does not wish to move on campus due to other priorities, but it was a little easier to find a spot as soon as she arrives on campus.


“I live on the East side of New Orleans. It already takes me over an hour to get to campus, sometimes longer with early morning traffic. I don’t have time to circle around the school just to find a parking spot or leave my house in New Orleans even earlier to avoid the other people trying to find parking spots also. It is ridiculous, and I am a senior. Seniors should get first dibs on the spots because we are almost out of here and we have been at the school the longest. I also think that it is not fair that students have to still pay tickets when our parking spots were taken away from us. I’d advise that parking become free since there is nowhere to go and students have to park their cars any and where. Like why not make it easier for us since we pay for everything anyway.”


Recently this past summer, Southeastern Louisiana University has eliminated various upper classmen commuter, and faculty parking areas on the campus; making it difficult to find a decent parking spot near classes and office buildings. Students and teachers are outraged about the new parking policy and want to see a change or an explanation on why they can’t park in the normal commuter and faculty parking arears. The difficult parking areas is due to the new expansion on the university’s campus. The areas include behind Sims Memorial Library, the areas where Twelve Oaks and the old student cafeteria, and a small parking lot next to Garrett Hall use to be. In the areas that are now cut off, the schools plan to building two new dormitories. Along with two new dormitories, the university plans to turn down their beloved Zachary Taylor Hall which is the oldest dorm currently on campus. High school and transfer students are considering Southeastern as the institution where they would like to further their education. With that being said, Southeastern needs a safe, comfortable and welcoming place where the students can lay their heads and study outside of the library.


Junior Cydney Jones shares her opinion and views about the recent changes on the parking and the new dorms, and how she thinks campus will be in the next year while she still attends this university.


“I feel like the new parking situation on campus is poo. I live in the Oaks, but I walk or have to take the shuttle to get to campus. The shuttle is always full because everybody is always riding it because nobody wants to walk in the hot sun all the time just to get from one class to the other. I think that it is not fair and that I have to put up with this for another year because the school wants to build new dorms. Nobody asked the students if we wanted new dorms, they just started building and inconvenient us like that is annoying and I do not like it at all. The school needs another solution to this problem and they need to fix it quick because the other students and I are fed up with this”


The new project is costing students for two dorms that most will not step foot in. The dormitories are added to tuition under other charges. When asking the students on their opinions on the new dorms, they do not care about what Southeastern plans to do with the school, they just want their parking spots back. Students have to leave hours early just to make it to their destination on time and comfortably. Also, once you are on campus and have found a parking spot; it is good advice that you do not leave or you will not come back to a parking spot. The school is advising students to simply park in the parking garage and arrive 30 minutes early and take it does not take that long to walk to classes from where their car is.


It has been over a month since the semester began, and the students are still complaining about having to be dropped off, or riding a bike, or having to ride around and become late to class because they cannot find a parking spot easily. Although parking is very hectic at this time, this expansion of the campus will influence other students to only stay at the institution but draw attention to other student to attend the school. The campus is becoming more modern and technology is upgrading. As the years go by, the school might modernize the entire campus and tear down all old building and put up the new ones for everyone’s satisfaction.


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