Students speak on campus parking

For many Southeastern students, whether they be commuters or residents, parking can be one of the most challenging tasks of the day. Southeastern students give their opinions on how parking can better accommodate students, how early they wake up to ensure that they get a spot, and many other very common complaints.


 Taylor Sinclair, senior commuter, said tearing down the buildings that are not being used on campus and inserting parking would give students more parking options.


Brei-Lynn Golchuk, senior resident at Southeastern Oaks, agreed and added that Southeastern is a commuter campus but is not commuter-friendly. “There are useless spaces of grass that could be turned into parking lots.”

When students do luck out and find a good parking spot, they are scared to move their cars in fear that the will have to repeat the whole process over again.

Victoria Parsons, junior commuter, feels as though some of the faculty parking spots are not being used as efficiently as they could be. “I understand that faculty is faculty and they are important, but there are more students than faculty so why does it seem like the parking spots are only made to accommodate faulty and not the students?”

Students feel the need to wake up earlier than needed just to ensure that they can get at least a decent parking space.

Golchuk added “….we should not have to get up 2 hours before our class actually even starts to look for parking.”

Sinclair agreed and stated that “Usually I am late too class because I am searching for parking for so long and usually I have to give up and park in overflow which is already overflowed.”

Angela Griffitt, junior resident at Southeastern Oaks, says that even though overflow parking is for residents and upperclassmen, residents from the Oaks can’t even park there. “Residents are residents and we should be able to park in the resident’s parking lot. Period.”

Rebecca Miller, senior resident thinks that Southeastern should pave the gravel parking lot between Zachary Taylor and Hammond Hall and allow more students to park there because of the size. “A lot of students don’t even park in the gravel because it punctures tires.”


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