Parking at Southeastern

With the rising number of students enrolling at Southeastern, there is bound to be a little overcrowding on campus. Parking is one of the major issues that has been highlighted by the massive jump in enrollment. Opinions around campus all focus on the key issue regarding parking, there just isn’t enough space.

Brooke Tauzier, a sophomore at SELU, says she’s not too affected by the parking situation given that she begins class at 8:00 AM, but also adds, “Anything is better than freshman parking.”

Southeastern staff sent out an email on September 5, 2017 citing the important changes being made around campus involving parking. The university added an additional parking lot behind Sims Memorial Library for upperclassmen only; students are urged to access this lot by coming in on Texas Ave.

LionTraxx shuttles have also been increased in volume during peak times on campus, and students have started to notice. A senior at SELU, Shelby Clement says, “You can tell more buses were added; the buses used to be packed and people were waiting forever, now I can feel secure in the fact that I will get to class on time.”

Because the parking situation has been a work in progress over the past few weeks, campus police have been lenient on parking infractions. The university has stated that all rules and regulations are now being enforced as they were in the past. Bryn Robicheaux, a new transfer student to SELU says, “This is my first year here, but in my opinion the parking is getting much better.”

Overall the opinions that once were all in sync against the administration’s decisions regarding parking are slowly swaying back into the good favor for Southeastern’s administration.





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