Our views: Bonds trial calls for judgement of steroid users

As former slugger Barry Bonds stands trial for perjury charges regarding his alleged steroid use, one thing has become quite evident, steroids have changed the way that fans look at baseball today.

They have changed it so much, that most fans see it as a tainted game because of the widespread use of steroids in Major League Baseball in the last 20 years.

Voters for the Hall of Fame must set an example by choosing not to elect players who are suspected of steroid abuse. Players who have used steroids in the past, such as Mark McGwire, most probably would not have reached the records they achieved without the use of performance enhancing substances.

The Hall of Fame should not reward players for cheating to obtain their lofty numbers, no matter what the means of their dishonesty.

The voters have proven their distaste for dishonorable activity in several other cases in the past.   Pete Rose  has not made it to the Hall after betting on baseball.

The voters have proven that they are capable of taking a stand against disreputable behavior. Hopefully in the future, the voters will continue to take this stance with players who gained an unfair advantage to achieve their success in Major League Baseball.

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