Alternative to traditional classes called “convenient”

Discussion boards are essential to complete assignments in online classes.

Discussion boards are essential to complete assignments in online classes.

[Hammond]- Online classes at Southeastern can be an alternative option for students who do not want to go to class two or three days a week. Online classes can be beneficial for students because they have the convenience of taking the class at their home.

Are online classes as good as taking a traditional class in a classroom setting two or three days a week?

According to “The Open Education Database”, online classes are beneficial to students because the student gets to choose their own study times. Nonetheless, there are deadlines for online classes yet, a student has more flexibility in completing assignments for the class without having to worry about getting to that class.

One of the requirements of taking an online class is to check assignments everyday and make sure one has a schedule for the semester.

Another requirement is that while there is more freedom taking an online class than a traditional class, this freedom must be spent on studying and working on the assignments for the class.

“A student should keep up with their work so they do not fall behind on assignments,” said Thomas Anderson, a senior majoring in kinesiology.

A fault of an online class can be the fact that the student has nobody to ask questions to thus, making sense of isolation in the equation of taking the class.

While some students like the feeling of isolation of taking an online class, other students might not like this aspect because they like the feeling of being in a class full of people that are either being quiet or loud and obnoxious.

I have enjoyed taking online classes as an alternative to traditional classes because I can take the class on my own schedule and help balance my job along with taking the class.

Online classes are not for everybody, but they are a great alternative to traditional classes especially during the summer because a student would not have to commute every day to campus.


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