One Year of Wonderful at One Thirteen

On Friday, September 13th, people from the community of Hammond gathered to celebrate one year of excellence at One Thirteen Restaurant downtown.

This week, over 200 people from other states came to the city of Hammond to partake in Destination Downtown. This was a showing of all the beautiful locations that Downtown Hammond has to offer. People from other cites came to learn from ideas Hammond has had as well as compare and contrast their downtown locations with Hammond’s downtown area. One of the locations on the list to visit was One Thirteen New American Cuisine.

Owners Bryan Wong, John Wong, and Saul Rubio hosted a wonderful get together on Friday, September 13th, for the community to celebrate One Thirteen’s one-year anniversary. Here, there was food, music, food, and drinks provided to all the guest that have made One Thirteen come alive throughout the past year.

One Thirteen is a classy high end New American cuisine restaurant, that has a lively atmosphere of beauty and excitement. The food is unique, tasteful, and exciting. The drinks are also refreshing and beautiful for each guest who comes to experience what One Thirteen has to offer.

The Hammond City Chamber of Commerce came to toast with the owners on the success of One Thirteen and all the livelihood that this particular restaurant has brought to Hammond.

John Desmond, midcentury modern has specifically renovated this building, which used to be an ordinary Doctor’s office, into a unique space for celebration and gathering.

Owner, Bryan Wong is proud to share that One Thirteen just won the award for the Best Fine Dining Restaurant as well as the Best New Restaurant Award in the Tangipahoa Parish granted by The Daily Star. Wong says, “It’s not your traditional fine dining, it’s such a great atmosphere, especially being a millennial myself, and from Hammond, Louisiana.   It brings a totally different atmosphere to this great town of ours.”

Johnny Chauvin, also known as Johnny in the morning, radio host for WTGG Tangi 96.5, was hosting the one-year celebration of the restaurant was excited to share exciting about the resultant, having been a Hammond resident since he was a child. Chauvin states, “there was a program (Destination Downtown) here visiting from different downtowns across the Southern region of the nation, to see how Downtowns are done. Hammond is a perfect example. The historic district was started back in 1979 and that is when things started changing to where the facades where being regulated as far as what they could do to buildings Downtown and everybody was just a little weary about it at first, but it has turned into just a beautiful thing here years later.” Chauvin was the MC of the first year celebration of the One Thirteen and was excited to share the owner’s hearts for the restaurant.

Another one of the owners, Saul Rubio, shares, “I do not think One Thirteen is special. I think Downtown Hammond is special. One Thirteen is part of Downtown Hammond and we are part of the people in Downtown Hammond.”

One Thirteen as a staff was excited to share their success with in the past year with their supportive community who made this possible. This restaurant is one the many locations that makes Downtown Hammond a destination to visit. With exciting music, a lively environment, a friendly staff, and a beautiful atmosphere, not a single ingredient is missing for a perfect spot to dine. If you are ever in the downtown Hammond area, the staff invites you to come enjoy a meal at One Thirteen and enjoy the special experience of new age cuisines with a beautiful view from every table of the restaurant. Nothing but hard work, dedication, and love has been put into the atmosphere and cuisine that One Thirteen has to offer.

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