On Campus Involvement Makes for Success

On campus involvement during a students time at university can be pivotal for the success. It has been found here at Southeastern as well as other universities around the world that campus involvement such as being apart of clubs and organizations benefit students for many reasons. Being involved on campus can help change a students over all experience. They can feel and see the difference of what it means to have a support system. By being involved, you can be around like minded people as well as see other people’s sides of view.

In the scholarly article, “Impacts of Campus Involvement on Hospitality Student Achievement and Satisfaction”, states that on campus involvement provides learning experiences outside the class room that stimulate and encourage social, cultural, intellectual and recreational interactions. Studies have shown that the correlation between academic and campus involvement is positive and linear.

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In an interview, previous school counselor and now the assistant director or orientation and events, Amanda Hammonds, states, “Whenever you get involved in an organization, it gets you involved in something bigger than your self, it gives you that excitement about your future and shows you what you can become.” There are many options, clubs, and organizations that are offered at Southeastern, find you place and get involved today, it is never too late!

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