Olympic Village:Stratford

London, UK-Stratford, Home to the Olympic Village London, UK- In 2005, the United Kingdom won its bid to host the 2012 Olympic games. Paris, Moscow, Madrid, and New York City took part in the bid as well. Once winning the bid, London officials had to find a suitable site for the games.

Stratford, which was originally one of the poorest areas in the country, was ultimately chosen. Since being designated as the site for the Olympic Games, Stratford underwent a transformation which has greatly benefitted the area.

The idea of “Going Green” was the main focus of the design and construction for the site. As a result, the polluted waterways and soil of the area were cleaned and most of the construction materials utilized was from recycled material.

The games also brought in more business and money to Stratford. One of the projects needed for construction was Olympic Village. This compound is the home for the athletes during the games.

Construction of the site began in 2008 and mostly finished by mid-year. Buildings with over 17,000 apartments were commissioned for the Olympians and officials. Each apartment is provided with Internet access and wireless networking. The eating area has the capacity to accommodate about 5,500 at once.

Yet there is a difference from this village and its predecessors. What once served, as the home to Olympian

The area of Stratford in London has seen more development since being chosen as the site of the 2012 Olympics.

s will become home to residents of the city with the apartments being transformed into 2,818 new homes. The area will be known as East Village.

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