Olympic Stadium Going Green for 2012 Games

Great care is being taken to ensure that the 2012 Games are going to be environmentally friendly. London’s eco-friendly plan was actually the deciding point that won London the venue for 2012.

Marilyn Collis of the Blue Badge Tourist Guide’s 2012 Guided Tour said that even with all the new stadiums being built for the games, England’s goal is to preserve and recycle as much as possible.


-Materials for the building of the Olympic sites are being shipped in by waterways
-rain water is going to be used to help with cooling the stadiums in addition to helping with plumbing
-solar panels are being built into the stadiums
-green spaces and gardens are being planted to promote nature
-wildlife that had been taken out of its habitat for the building process are being kept in preservation in order to be re-released after the games have finished.

Efforts to cut down on transportation emissions are being taken as well. The London Underground tube system will be the only way to get to the Games, and once tourists are on site, walking will be the way to get to different events. No cars will be allowed on the premises.

In addition to trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, the London Olympic Games are promised to be more economically conservative. According to the London Olympic website, compared to the Beijing Olympic Games budget of over $40 billion in 2008, the London Olympic budget is going to be a closer to £10 billion. Collis said that the London Games are expected to pay for themselves through ticket sales and sales of Olympic village to private companies afterwards.

Some attractions of the upcoming summer games include the new track and field center where the opening and closing ceremony will also be held.

The new aquatic center that is designed in the shape of a wave will feature two Olympic-sized swimming pools and 700 other rooms dedicated to aquatic sports and athlete locker rooms. An impressive media complex is being built to house the expected 20,000 members of the press from around the world. This particular complex is expected to be sold and used as a TV studio after the games.

The Olympic village, where the athletes will be housed, is going to be converted into apartments after the games. Half of those apartments will be designated for low-income housing.

As Collis said, “What we have is what we’re given to use to the best of our ability.”

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