Ohio school shooting reaches Southeastern’s campus

Is Southeastern’s campus safe from a school shooting? The shooting at Chardon High School on Feb. 27 left three students dead, and two with serious injuries. While Southeastern was not directly affected, the students are speaking out on the tragedy.

Emily Lotz, a senior majoring in marketing said, “I am very saddened by what happened just last week in Ohio. I can’t imagine what the families are going through. At the same time, it hurts our campus too. Every shooting is a constant reminder that it can happen anywhere. No school is off limits anymore.”

People often feel safe in their small town atmosphere; away from terrorist attacks or school shootings. The population in Chardon is 5,500 while the population in Hammond is over 20,000, according to city-data.

Dr. Joe Burns of the Languages and Communications Department said, “People expect places like New York City to be targeted. Nobody expects a small town like Chardon. Now people are thinking that this can happen anywhere. Maybe no one is safe.”

USA Today interviewed Katie Williams, a sophomore at Chardon High School. Williams told USA Today, “I’m terrified to walk into school. School is supposed to be a safe place and somebody obviously robbed that from us.”

According to Wikipedia, last year there were eight school shootings in the US. The shootings occurred in Nebraska, Indiana, Texas, California, Hawaii, North Carolina and Virginia.

Donations can be made to the Chardon Healing Fund online at www.uwsgc.org. The fund will be used to support both the community and the families who were directly affected by the shooting.

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