Nursing majors rave, other majors question

The addition to the Southeastern Louisiana University Kinesiology and Health Studies building, which started in the spring of 2010, is nearly finished. This building will be used for the school’s nursing and health science programs.

Throughout the campus, people question if this project is appropriate considering all the budget cuts taking place. While other majors are experiencing major cut backs, the nursing school is adding a brand new building. The new construction is a $13 million dollar project and is adding 20,500 square feet to the Kinesiology building, making it a total of 55,500 square feet.

Mallory Guidry, an education major at Southeastern, thinks this building wasn’t a necessity right now with all the cut backs Southeastern is experiencing. “I really don’t think this nursing building is something that is a must right now; I don’t see how it’s fair to build this when budget cuts have taken over the past year,” Guidry said.

Others think this new addition to campus is a positive thing that will only make Southeastern a better college. Rosa Davis, a nursing major at Southeastern, thinks that this change will only bring good. “I think it’s fantastic. It means that they can accept more nursing students and can create a better program,” Davis said.

Currently the nursing program at Southeastern is held in an old dormitory built over 50 years ago, Mims Hall.

Adam Kendrick, a criminal justice major at Southeastern, thinks this construction is something long overdue. “It needed to be built, although it took a lot of money out of budget, it’s an improvement that will not only benefit our campus but attract future nursing majors.”

In the fall of 2008 there were 2,700 students that enrolled as nursing majors out of 15,224 students, making it the most popular concentration..

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