Not your average farmers market

Juni Gamarel makes handmade birdhouse out of stain glass.

Juni Gamarel makes handmade birdhouse out of stain glass.

Every Saturday, the city of Mandeville hosts the Mandeville Community Market at the Mandeville Trailhead.

“One unique thing that we have that other markets don’t have is the variety of products we have out there. Markets are now adding arts and crafts, but we had that when we started in 2002. Markets back then just had locally grown crops,” said Market Coordinator Donna Beakley.

The Market has a long lists of vendors. Each Saturday, approximately 50 vendors come out to sell their products. The market is filled with wood art, jelly, Lego displays, soaps, spices, yard decorations, dog treats, jewelry and other handmade items.

“Vendors must make, grow or embellish what they sell,” said Beakley.

Juni Gamarel a vendor that makes jewelry and stain glass birdhouses said, “I go to jewelry shows, bead shows, bead shops and junk shops. I like to take old necklaces apart and use some of the pieces to make something.”

Like Gamarel, some vendors are not just local hobbyists and business men and women, but average citizens that enjoy interacting with the public.

Lindz Jones wants has Christian meaning behind her handmade jewelry.

Lindz Jones has a Christian meaning behind her handmade jewelry.

“After my son died, this helped me get out of my shell, I was sort of a recluse,” said Gamarel.

The market can be great publicity for vendors to receive orders locally and in other states. Vendor Lindz Jones has been selling jewelry and reclaimed wood art at the market for about five months. She has recently been asked to fulfill a large out of state order for her handmade jewelry.

“I want to encourage women to show their love for Jesus, and I try to do that through my jewelry,” said Jones.

Entertainers are also able to showcase their talents at the Mandeville Community Market. Beakley has scheduled school bands, school choirs, three piece bands, four piece bands, individual soloist, Irish dancers and square dancers for the weekly event.

“We have music every Saturday. We play blues music, Americana, Contemporary Christian, a little bit of everything,” said Beakley.

Beakley encourages everyone in the community to attend the market.

“This is a family friendly environment. When the fountains are turned on in the summer, kids enjoy that and they throw footballs; we want the kids to play,” said Beakley.

This year, the market had a petting zoo for Easter and a costume contest for Halloween.  For Christmas this year, local school choirs will sing at the Mandeville Community Market.

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