Noelie Harmon offers products from Options Weaving Studio

noleie harmon

The product display at Noelie Harmon.

Noelie Harmon, a boutique in Baton Rouge, offers products that are eco-friendly and made by local artisans. Products include organic soaps and candles, handcrafted bags and purses, books and clothing.

The handmade scarves, dish towels, rugs, cards and tablet sleeves created in the Options Weaving Studio, will be featured as local artists in the Noelie Harmon boutique.  

Noelie Harmon uses four icons to categorize their products- eco-friendly, fair trade, socially responsible and local artisan. Products featured in the boutique could qualify for all for icons.

The Options Weaving Studio qualifies for two, eco-friendly and local artisan. They use donated and purchased material for their products as well as material from unlikely sources.    

Maddie Devenney, Options community inclusion director said, “We use salvage material like old nurse scrubs, T-shirts, neckties and old vhs tapes to create our products.”

Bracelets are made from old vhs tapes and tablet sleeves are made from leftover materials used in products such as scarves and dish towels.  

“We love their products, they are made with so much heart,” said Jaime, a sales associate at Noelie Harmon.

The Options Weaving Studio has items to purchase in their studio and accepts donations for future products.

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