NOCA Feature Story of the Day: What is Organizational Communication?

       Organizational communication is the use of communication between group members that are inside of an organization. In a recent poll conducted at Southeastern Louisiana University, 100 students were asked the question, “What is organizational communication?” As the poll came to a close, only 38 students answered the question correctly.

         Anytime several people join together in a group, an organization is formed. With people finding ways for technology to evolve and the use of social media growing even more essential to the images of organizations, the ability to communicate within an organization has become a forgotten art. A lack of communication between a group can lead to poor performance, a lack of teamwork and low morale.

         No matter a person’s field of work, communication is inevitable. Jobs will involve working with others and when you work with others in a group, you must communicate with your coworkers.“It is important to understand what type of communication to use when speaking in a group. Men in a fraternity will speak to people in a way to sell the idea of joining the fraternity. Rather it is your tone of voice or your body mannerisms, understanding the use of verbal and nonverbal communication is vital in the growth of a organization,” said Southeastern communication professor, Dr. Joseph Burns.

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