NOCA Feature Story of the Day:  Dr. Burns Speaks to NOCA

By Richard Mckinney

       NOCA members were elated Monday evening to welcome a guest speaker from Southeastern Louisiana University’s graduate degree department, Dr. Joseph Burns. Dr. Burns spoke for nearly an hour on a variety of topics including: the application process, expectations of the courses, length and cost of the degree program and the advantages of earning a master’s degree in organizational communication.

         Dr. Burns elaborated on the importance of communicating effectively utilizing two skills: writing and speaking. Both skills are utilized while obtaining a master’s degree in organizational communication. Every employer will inquire about an applicant’s writing and speaking abilities.

         NOCA’s current vice-president, Allison Davis recently received her acceptance letter into the graduate program. We heard from Allison on the application process and many other topics about her experience so far. Dr. Burns answered an array of questions from our members about GPA requirements and curriculum requirements.

         “The graduate program is stepped in Org Comm. An organization must communicate internally and externally and how this function is done can be described as organizational communication,” said Dr. Burns.

         For more information regarding the graduate degree program, contact Dr. Joseph Burns.

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