NFL: 0, COVID-19: 1

HAMMOND, LA. 10/4/2020: Not having fans in the stands did nothing for the NFL’s athletes and faculty  as they are handling their very first COVID-19 outbreak of the season right before week four of the very different 2020 season. Things had gone smoothly for the league until eight members of the Titans staff and roster- three players and five staff members-  tested positive for the virus. 

This caused the Tennessee Titans to reschedule their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to either tomorrow or Tuesday so they can deal with the issue. According to the, players are being tested daily for the virus except on game days. If the player tests positive, he cannot return to the team facility or attend practices or workouts for at least ten days until he is either not contagious or shows no more symptoms. The Titans played the Minnesota Vikings last week and both teams have suspended all in-person club activity since the news of the positive players. Both teams are still preparing for Sunday’s \

match up, though, until told otherwise according to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo. An NFL enthusiast, Jermaine Kelly said this about a possible pause in the season,” I think that there will be a pause in the season for maybe two to three weeks because it might spread but afterwards the season will continue.”

COVID-19 protocols are nothing new for the NFL as Titan’s tight end, Jonnu Smith explained that they were used to Zoom meetings and doing things from home such as team and position meetings. 

According to the CDC, COVID-19 is declining at a constant pace with a change greater than .01%.

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