Newly crowned Miss Livingston Parish Fair Queen

The Livingston Parish Fair crowned their new Miss Livingston Parish Fair Queen on Oct. 10 in the Green Barn. Mackenzie Johnson, a native of Livingston, said she had her lifetime dream of representing her local fair come true.


All four contestants give the judges one final look before the final scores are decided.

The outgoing queen, Mallorie Sanders crowned the 21-year-old beautician from Hello Gorgeous Salon. Sanders spent her year traveling Louisiana and attended over 25 events as the Livingston Parish Fair Queen. Sanders is a sophomore majoring in biology at Southeastern.

After giving up her title, Sanders said, “I’m thinking about hitting the traveling road again and competing for another pageant. I’ll definitely be focusing on school, maintaining my GPA and just having a good time and enjoying life.”

This year, four contestants competed for the title. Prior to the pageant, the contestants each had a one-on-one interview with the judges in a private room.

The pageant began at 6 p.m. with the parade of contestants during which all contestants walked across the stage and modeled to give the judges a first impression. Later, the ladies competed in evening gown during which they had their own moment onstage to model their gown while Sanders read their biography. Once all contestants finished the evening gown portion, they walked back onstage one by one and chose a random question from a fishbowl and answered on the spot in front of the crowd.


Mallorie Sanders take a photo with her boyfriend and mother after her final speech as queen.

To give the judges time to tally their scores, the director of the pageant, Kym Fooshee Ferachi, gave a small speech about Sanders and her year as queen. Ferachi gave Sanders the chance to give her outgoing speech. Sanders’ speech consisted of laughs and tears as she reminisced over her reign and thanked the important people in her life that made it all possible.

Then came the anticipated moment, awards and crowning. First photogenic, best dressed, interview, and Miss Congeniality was awarded. Then they named third, second and first runner up. After, Johnson had a crown placed on her head, flowers in her arms and a train on her back.


All fourteen visiting queens pose on stage for a photo with the newly crowned queen.

Johnson had 14 visiting queens from other parishes there to witness her crowning moment, as well as close family and friends. Johnson said, “The moment that I found out I won queen, I was ecstatic because I did not think I had it because there were so many beautiful girls up here, and I’m just happy to have the opportunity to become the queen.”

Johnson will spend the next year traveling across the state to other parishes and festivals. She will also be competing in the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals Queen of Queens pageant, held in Baton Rouge against other fair & festival queens from around the state this upcoming February.

Check out Johnson’s crowning moment in the video below.

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