New Vaccine Eligibility

Charles Leapheart Jr.

On March 15, the  CDC launched a new list of people who are now eligible  to receive the new COVID-19 vaccine.

This past week, the CDC announced a new list of people who may suffer from other underlying health conditions. There have been over ten counts of underlying health conditions added to this new list of eligibility.

In order to receive this vaccine you will only need to be 16 years or older.

Someone who has suffered from one of these underlying conditions such as breast cancer survivor Khiana Leapheart who is a parent here in Hammond , spoke briefly on the newly added list.

“I think it is great that nowadays you have all these advancements when it comes to medicine but, I do also think it’s a big risk when you are already dealing with other health conditions. You just don’t want to put yourself in another situation you may have to deal with, “ Leapheart said.

Leapheart believes that there may be some type of concern with the vaccine even though it’s good that we see today there are new breakthroughs with these different medicines.

Harold Blame, who is a student at SELU and an individual who suffers from sickle cell, got a chance to voice his opinion on the newly introduced vaccine.

“ I just wouldn’t really encourage others who are going through other health conditions to take the vaccine. Just because other diseases like the flu, I feel as if the people who made those vaccines really took their time. Everything just seems so rushed with this new vaccine, “ explained Blame.

Blame agrees with Leapheart’s idea of this vaccine being rushed supposedly .

“ I just don’t trust it all. With everything you already have to deal with just concerning your health that’s just not a risk I want to take. Honestly i can’t even say i encourage others to take the vaccine if you are someone with serious health issues, “ said Dominique Benson.

Benson is who a Hammond native doesn’t suggest others take this vaccine. He feels as this also may feel like a rush type ordeal. Benson is clearly in agreement with the others since he is  someone who has Asthma which is an underlying condition.

This vaccine will be eligible to take for people who have these specific type of health conditions officially on March 15.

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