New Twists on an Old Classic

It’s Mardi Gras time once again which also means that its king cake time.  In New Orleans people take their king cake very seriously and are picky about the bakery they choose.

Sucré, a bakery located in New Orleans and Metairie, makes their king cake with a buttery Danish pastry that uses cinnamon and raw cane sugar as sweeteners and has a layer of creole cream cheese.  The decoration for the cake is then taken up a notch with a sparkly purple, green and gold gradient frosting.

Liz, an employee at the Magazine Street District Donuts Sliders Brew café location, said “We use cinnamon roll dough braided with cream cheese ube-coconut, matcha-pandan and satsuma-vanilla icing on top and that’s what makes our king cakes special.”

A bakery bar in New Orleans called Debbie Does Doberge offers its customers king cake Doberge.  This bakery turned the traditional cake into a Doberge cake, with a white icing and purple, green and gold sugar to decorate.

Maurice French Pastries, a bakery located in Metairie that specializes in French desserts, has four specialty king cakes.  The cakes each have special names that go with the flavors.  “What makes them unique is that we use brioche for the cake, and we either use custard or Bavarian cream for our filling,” said Christina, an employee at Maurice French Pastries.

In Baton Rouge, The Ambrosia Bakery offers Zulu king cakes.  The cake itself is stuffed with coconut, cream cheese and chocolate chips.  It is then covered with a chocolate icing and toasted coconut.

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