Southeastern Gets Renovated

The SGA has passed a bill to reach into the Capitol Hill Outlay fund and provide $100,000 worth of materials to renovate the Faculty Excellence Center and update Tinsley Annex into a Subway Café for students.

The southern end of Southeastern’s campus past Friendship Circle has only one area for students to eat and few areas to study, leaving all the other student accommodations in the northern side of the campus. The SGA and Facility Planning Department acknowledged the concern that most students may not have time to travel this far says Director of Facility Planning, Kenneth Howe.

“Tinsley Annex, the small building behind Tinsley Hall, is being renovated into a Subway Café which will be opening in the next few weeks. One of the things we recognized is almost two thirds of our academic space is located in the southeast corner. What the SGA took into consideration is there is a need for gathering places both internal and external where students can study or get a break between classes and socialize,” said Howe.

There is also a need for an internal update within the Faculty Excellence Center to be renovated into a student study area. This area will be upgraded with two types of furniture: tables, desks, and carousels for studying, then soft seating for student comfort. The exterior of this building will be landscaped with outdoor furniture as well as floral arrangements.

These renovations will not be taken out of the SGA fund, but will be taken out the Capitol Hill Outlay fund. Capitol Hill Outlay is used to buy the brick and mortar, or raw materials that the school will need to build long term structures, upgrade existing buildings, or renovate them.

Howe said that with the renovations still on the way and the building of the Subway Café coming soon students will not have to walk as far to get to the main areas leaving room for a small break.

“I think this is an excellent use of funds. One of the best things about it is that almost every student that attends Southeastern will at some time have classes in that part of campus. So it will give them an area that is much closer to study, rest, or grab a bite to eat,” he said.

Many students may enjoy having access to these buildings as well as the ease of it being close to the classroom. With the funding underway, the renovation for the Faculty Excellence Center is projected to start shortly around summer 2017 and continue to the following semester.


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