New party scene at Southeastern?

As Southeastern continues to adapt to state cuts in higher education spending, there is a continuing effort to find innovative ways to save money. One of the newest will be unlike any before it.

Next semester Southeastern will be instituting its new work week. The new schedule will call for more condensed scheduling for students leaving most students without classes on Fridays.

Of all the effects it may have, one that may have been overlooked is the effect it will have on the party scene at Southeastern.

Traditionally Thursday night has been party night at Southeastern. With many students living close enough to Southeastern to make frequent trips home, Fridays has long been seen as the day to drive home rather than a night to go out.

Now that may also be changing. Will Thursday become the new Friday or will they become even wilder than before?

“As far as partying goes, a lot of people try to throw their parties on Thursday nights,” says Winfred Hills. “I think it’s actually going to affect it positively, because people hang around that Thursday night, and no one has class that Friday so they’ll hang around on Thursday night and have a real good time.”

Although Thursdays have been considered the party night, some fraternities have been known to throw the occasional Friday event, which may become nearly obsolete with the new schedule.

“I’m part of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, we have a lot of our social events on Friday, unfortunately that might affect our attendance at our parties, because on Friday you may leave and not want to hang around,” said Hills.

Multiple students said that they were looking forward to seeing the changes next semester will bring. Psychology major Sydnee Robertson said it would be a better experience knowing that you won’t be missing classes after a late night of partying.

“They should put the parties on a Thursday” said Robertson. “Because you won’t have to get up the next morning. This semester all the parties was on  like a Wednesday or a Thursdays,  and that’s when most people classes were at like nine o’clock, and coming from a party on a Wednesday, you’re not going to class on Thursday. ”

General studies major Treasure Hammond anticipates a dwindling number of parties all together and also disagreed with Robertson and Hill’s Thursday night prediction.

“I just think we’re not going to have as many parties,” said Hammond. “On Fridays everybody leave and go home because people don’t have class on Saturdays, so I feel like people are going to leave on Thursdays now. So Thursday night you can’t have parties, Friday night you not going to be able to have parties. You can but as many people not going to show up.”

Someone on the opposite side of the argument was psychology major Tyriane Bowman, who feels like partying will increase with the condensed schedule multiplying stress on students.

“I feel like the partying on campus might increase because we’re going to be here for shorter days and longer hours,” said Bowman. “People are going to be kind of stress, they’re going to want to find more ways to vent.”

Bowman also agreed with Hills assertion that the schedule changes will have a positive effects on partying.

“I feel like the parties will probably be better for the weekends too, because people have more time to rest and they won’t have nothing else to do. So I think it will increase over decreasing.”

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