New Gambling Bill Considered by Legislature

Fantasy sports gambling may be coming to Louisiana after the November vote. The bill proposes the opportunity to a legalize and regulate fantasy sports that will be voted on by individual parishes during the November elections.
The bill is authored by Representative Talbot who proposes the Fantasy Sports Contests Act. Representative Talbot said, “[I] want to legalize fantasy sports” because the public wants it.
Representative Talbot faced some hurtles when proposing this bill. Talbot originally had to comply with state constitutional requirements. Article XII, Section 6(C)(1)(a) of the Louisiana state constitution provides, “No law authorizing a new form of gaming, gambling, or wagering not specifically authorized by law prior to the effective date of this Paragraph shall be effective nor shall such gaming, gambling, or wagering be licensed or permitted to be conducted in a parish unless a referendum election on a proposition to allow such gaming, gambling, or wagering is held in the parish and the proposition is approved by a majority of those voting thereon.” Therefore, in order to comply with constitutional provision, House Bill 484 proposes an election to permit fantasy sports. The permission to legalize fantasy sports will be determined on a parish by parish basis.;%20Gaming,%20Gambling,%20or%20Wagering

Fantasy sports, according to house bill 484 text, states, “fantasy or simulation sports game or contest played through the internet or mobile device with all the following elements…” The bill will require participants to create a simulation sports team based on real athletes and all prizes and fees will be made known to participants before the game begins and all winning outcomes must reflect statistical results and the performance of individual athletes.

The bill was proposed earlier this year. HB 484 was proposed on April 17 and passed on the same day with a 67-23 vote. The bill was scheduled on May 7 and has been rescheduled for May 8 but has not yet been considered. If the bill makes it past the senate floor it will require a signature by Governor John Bell Edwards.


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