New Fashion Merchandising courses

This Fall, there were four new core classes added to the fashion merchandising curriculum. Dr. Hall, the new fashion merchandising advisor was very excited to introduce and integrate these new tailor-made courses into the curriculum.

“This semester is the beginning of us teaching and offering these new courses in fashion merchandising. Everything will be brand new to the students,” said Dr. Hall

Among the new courses are FCS 205, FCS 314, FCS 390 and FCS 420.

FCS 205 is a fashion marketing fundamentals class that all students are required to take. The course introduces students to the textile and apparel field.

FCS 314 is a fashion buying class. “Students will learn the roles and responsibilities of a buyer and what it takes to purchase merchandise for a particular retail market. It will also teach them the math component of fashion merchandising,” said Dr. Hall.

FCS 390 is an image management and styling course. It teaches students wardrobe building, body type and colors.  Dr. Hall said that in the near future, the course will be offered  as an elective as well as an online course.

FCS 420 is entitled advanced fashion fundamentals. This course gives students practice for math applications that fashion buyers must use.

Dr. Hall also shared that she has picked out several new high level textbooks to enhance the students learning experience.

“The students here deserve it. We are doing everything we can to give students the best education and the best exposure.”

Dr. Hall looks forward to the growth and success of the new and improved program.

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