“New Drug Effects Millions”


            “New Drug Effects Millions”


After calling a friend 5 consecutive times without a respond, I fired up my twitter application. Seeing that my friend Douglas Anderson was actively on Twitter I decided to send a direct message. Receiving and instant response threw me for a loop. Thinking about the situation I realized this guy was hooked, and so did he. “With all the drama that occurs on my social networks makes it hard for me to manage my time spent on them” Said Douglas Anderson. With most people owning up to their addiction, it’s not hard to point out the addicts who are addicted to the new drug, social networking.

While setting in the library of Southeastern Louisiana University, I noticed a lot of students working hard while others focused more on their social Network. As many students anxiously waited for an available computer it wasn’t hard to see most computer monitors logged into Facebook or Twitter. For most students waiting in line witnessing computer time Misuses is an everyday routine that sometimes result in late assignments, missing deadlines and not making it to class on time.
“it’s normal to me. I’ve been late to class plenty of times, but eventually learned my lesson. Now I do everything that’s important ahead of time because you never know what could happen” said Jeremy Converse of Southeastern Louisiana University.  “I don’t mind somebody checking their Facebook, Twitter or whatever it is people have because I sometimes do it, but when you overdo it is the problem. Some people are just too disrespectful” Said Crystal Gaston of Southeastern Louisiana University.

Over the last three years social networking has been at an all time high. According to figures from In-Stat it reports that they were 10 billion social-networking and online-world accounts in 2010. Leading the way with 750 Million active users Facebook is the most common social network.

While most addicted social networkers at Southeastern Louisiana University can’t see their addictiveness hurting fellow class mates. Some addicts realize too much of FaceBook and Twitter can and will hurt them.  “One student who gave a self-introductory speech admitted that she had been addicted to Facebook. She said that she was constantly updating her status so often that her best friend urged her to get help. Her boyfriend also said he was going to break up with her if she didn’t quit. She said she attended a seminar in Baton Rouge to quit her obsession” said Professor Cheryl Settoon of Southeastern Louisiana University.”

Mrs. Settoon very often sees students taking out their cell phone during lectures. Asking does this hurt student academically Mrs. Settoon replied by saying “Yes, I think distractions hurt students academically in general. Constantly checking a cell phone when a student is trying to study affects him or her. Research has shown that multi-tasking affects performance.”

After interviewing a former Southeastern student, Mrs. Settoon’s Statement was justified. “Besides the girls and parties, social networking was another distraction that caused me to flunk out of college. While doing school work I often took brakes to check my Facebook, Sometimes it got to the point when I put the books away and spent hours glued to my phone.” said  Aaron Joseph.

For information about social network addiction, and rehabilitation visit http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/managing-your-social-network-addiction.html.

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