New downtown parking lot is a “Band-Aid”

[Hammond, La.]- The Downtown Development District has come to an agreement with Hancock Bank to create a new parking lot for downtown Hammond, but the DDD council members still have concerns about parking in downtown.
Since the contract with AT&T for the parking lot across from PJ’s Coffee shop at the corner of West Thomas Street and North Magnolia Street is coming to an end, Hancock Bank and the DDD have made plans to build a parking lot on the bank’s property at the corner of South Magnolia Street and West Morris Avenue.
At the DDD’s meeting on Nov. 10, some of the DDD council members raised concerns about the parking situation. Council member Ron Macaluso said, “Where is the city of Hammond’s plan for parking in downtown Hammond?”
The concern of the DDD is that the city is not worried about parking for the area and that the burden will fall on the DDD.
“This [parking lot] is good, but this is a band-aid,” said Macaluso.
DDD council member John Guerin said that he and Mayor Mason Foster have discussed ideas for parking on the east side of Hammond, but that finding the property will be difficult.
“There is no one on that side of town that is as generous as Hancock,” said Philip Nicaud, chairman of the DDD.

Nicaud said that Hancock bank will only yield four parking spots for their customers and that the rest of the spots in the lot will be allocated to general parking in downtown.

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