New Author Arises In Ball, Louisiana

Ball, Louisiana may be a quiet town but it has revealed some new strong voices. A dedicated woman, Lisa Pearson, has erupted the town with her new book called Morning Coffee with My Savior.

Pearson is a retired woman from Ball, Louisiana who volunteers daily with Ministering Maids Inc. and East Meade Christian Fellowship Church. In 2013, the idea came to Pearson to write this book through her daily readings. When she sent these daily readings to her friends and church family, support was returned.

“Every morning I wake up at 5 am to read the word and drink my coffee. That time was meant for me to focus and gain my thoughts for the day.” Pearson said, “As I was spending that time, I thought that was where my heart felt ideas came from. So what better way to name my book than morning coffee with my savior.”

Pearson goes to church weekly and has a close relationship with those who attend. At this church, she hosted a small table for members to take a book for no cost.

A friend and fellow church goer, Star Delcambre said, “I first met Lisa Pearson at East Meade Church about eight years ago. She is kindhearted woman who is always willing to go the extra mile to help her loved ones. I also remember receiving text messages with these motivating words which is now in her book for others to read. Her words are not only from the heart but a personal testimony of her life and things she sees others going through.”

Pearson’s testimony was not only about her life but her families a whole. The book is also based on experiences of her husband, Timothy Pearson, and step-daughter, Madison Pearson. The stories about her family is the center of her chapter and her experiences.

“It started when I would send out texts every morning to my friends and family but one day I felt like I needed to write those thoughts and scriptures into a book. At first, I thought it would be too much to write but then I began to think that this might be my calling of what I needed to do.” Pearson said, “This might be what I was made for. I had to open my heart and make sure to listen to what I needed to do. I felt guided by the Lord.”

When Pearson would create her morning messages, she contacted a few members including a board member of the church named Samantha Young. Part of Pearson’s inspiration came from the Sunday teachings of Young every week. Young taught lessons based on growth, leadership, and faith as a woman.

“Her words were heartfelt and I could feel her passion for the Lord in her writing. Lisa is a woman who desires to be more. She strives to improve her attitude and mind in daily reading of scripture and prayer. Her book shows her love for both God and His people,” Young said, “It is a great example to all to start the day. She also knew that keeping these lessons learned in the process were not only valuable to her but to others. The book is the words of God spoken through the inner heart of Lisa in the quiet hours of her morning.”

Pearson stated that the hardest part of writing her thoughts and motivation was having to read the book over again. She worked with her editor daily but used her family as her rock to keep going throughout the process.

“It took me quite a few months to write this book. It took time of writing and remembering all those scriptures. My book was self-published and it did take a longer time. But I felt that it was the best choice for me to do,” said Pearson. “I went through a Christian publishing company. It cost me around $2000 but the price didn’t matter to me. My main goal was for the book to at least touch and help one person.”

She not only focused on publishing a book but Pearson also donating 50 copies of her book to a national Christian based rehab center called Adult Challenge. The rehab still has those books today.

“Often times when we are on the side of a battle and it takes someone on the outside looking in to confront you and cause you to have a change of mind. Lisa has learned over the years to do this with her life,” said Delcambre. “I appreciate every bit of it. I have made some life alterternating changes because of her ability to see clearly.”

Delcambre was not the only person to reach out to Pearson about her book inspiring her but also many others in the surrounding community. Many patients in the rehab center have also reached out to her through letters.

Pearson had many friends and family support her book but also those who she had never met before. At one-point strangers would message her through Facebook about the book helping them in many ways. Some even stating that it was their motivation in their long days.

Another friend, Kristen Jenkins said, “She is strong willed, determined, passionate and is always willing to help. It is always awesome to get a firsthand look at lives being transformed.  I am happy to get to be a part of her life and her family.”

Her book is published with Crossbooks publishing company and is now being sold on Amazon as well. The book is slowly in the process of being an ebook for kindle and nook. One can find it on paper copy in Lifeway stores across Louisiana.

“I have had other publishing companies contact me on progressing my book but I am happy with it with the few copies I had made. I don’t have a plan or goal to write another one but maybe in time if I feel like I am being moved to do another one then I will. In the end, I just want my book to make a difference to at least one person.”

For more information on the book, one can go to or follow her on Facebook at Lisa Norred-Pearson.

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