Nat Williams Remains Sheriff of St. Helena Parish

The residents of St. Helena Parish re-elected Nat Williams for the third time as their sheriff. Williams, who is the first African American officer elected to hold the position as sheriff of the parish, has been in office since February 2007. He defeated his opponent Cedric Burise with an 84 percent victory. http://St. HelenaSheriffDepartment.comDisplaying IMG_0020.jpgDisplaying IMG_0020.jpgDisplaying IMG_0020.jpg

At a campaign party held for the sheriff on Oct. 24, Williams cheerfully greeted residents of the parish. Many members of the community showed up in campaign gear and garnered decals on their automobiles to show support of the sheriff. Officers, residents, community leaders and other elected officials showed up and took turns speaking of the positive experiences they have had with the Sheriff’s Office since Williams has become sheriff.sign

Williams, who is also a long-time resident of the parish, appeared over-joyed at the turn-out, and the overall success of his victory. “I can’t believe I won this election by over 80 percent,” he smiles and continues to say “That says a lot about how these folks feel about me as their sheriff”campaign party (2).

Elanda White, a resident of Montpelier, a town located in St. Helena parish, spoke highly of the sheriff and his department at the event. White and several of her co-workers from Strawberry Fields, an assisted living facility located in the parish, helped organize and host the event. White served hamburgers and gave out bottles of water to the members of the community. White said, “I am so happy Nat won again; he is doing a good job, and I am glad he is my neighbor.”

The rain did not stop the crowd from celebrating the sheriff’s victory. The crowd chanted and danced to a live band, while feasting on barbecue, boiled meat, and fried fish. Many residents donated side dishes, cakes and pies to the event, displaying extended support of the sheriff.

In front of a crowd of a few hundred residents, a stern faced yet emotional Williams, spoke on how blessed he felt and how he would continue to fight for the residents of St. Helena Parish.

Elected officials from the St. Helena Parish Police Jury, School Board and Clerk of Courts office also came out to support Williams. Malcolm White, a supervisor with the parish’s Police Jurors association, said, “Since Nat has become sheriff, there has been a real change in the attitudes of residents in the community, a positive change, which I can’t fully explain.”



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