NAACP plans Black History Month presentation and talent show

[HAMMOND] The NAACP Eboard members prepare for one of their busiest months of the year ever since they scheduled the annual Black History Month Kickoff event and started planning for the talent show.

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the NAACP board will hold a presentation in the Student Union. Titled, “The Past is the Key to Future,” the event is set to have music, dance, and other performances in celebration of black history.

Joshua Allen, NAACP Public Relations Officer, explained the plans for the event in Wednesday’s meeting. “We will be singing old hymns,” he said. He addressed the event to the Eboard members as “a job for all of us” and requested them to dress in a uniform fashion and inform the public as a way to promote the event. Allen mentioned, “It’s the responsibility of the entire organization, not just the Eboard.”

Following the Black History Month Kickoff is the annual NAACP talent show auditions on Feb. 27 and 28. NAACP Vice President Justin Roberson reported updates on the talent show venue. “We’re still in the works of where the venue is going to be.” Last year’s talent show was held in the Pottle Hall Theater. The members passed around ideas for venues that would fit the size of the audience the event draws. Roberson mentioned, “For the past few years, our talent show has gone successfully well so we have a lot of great ideas.”

The theme for this year is “Remember the Times” where the program would focus on specific decades of music. Performers are placed in three different categories; singing, dancing, and spoken word. Due to rehearsal complications, the Eboard members agreed only students will be able to perform in the talent show.

Also included on the NAACP February calendar are a candy grams sale and Cupid Connect for Valentine’s Day.


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