My Chocolate is…..

In honor of black history month, the Southeastern Chapter of the National Association for Advancements of Color People (NAACP) will be hosting a Chocolate Conversation Forum. The purpose of this event is to discuss the racial tension within the African American race such as light verses dark skin.

On Feb. 3, the event planning committee members met to discuss the true concept of this event. “We would like to acknowledge the fact that it’s not just tension between African Americans and other races,” its tension among African Americans themselves said Bre’Yahna Williams, a member of the event planning committee. Often, you hear someone mention, “I’m not black, I’m brown,” but what is the purpose of such thinking?

The event will consist of open discussions on various topics, such as, “What does it mean to be Black?” There will be door prizes and refreshments served. The event planning committee will also be allowing individuals to sign a poster filling in  the slogan “My Chocolate is….” from the BET catchy slogan, “My black is beautiful.”

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