“Muh-ree-bo”, A Fresh Pizza and Italian Eatery!

A “Nocca” pizza from Meribo.

There aren’t too many eateries where you can enjoy a cast-iron skillet filled with sizzling mozzarella, a duck and mushroom lasagna and at the same time feast on a gourmet, wood-fired pizza. But, for those food fanatics that want it all, Meribo is the place to satisfy those eyes that are bigger than the stomach.

On June 25, 2016 this new spot for pizza and Italian cuisine opened for business in Covington. The freshly renovated establishment is located at 326 Lee Lane. in the historic downtown Covington area.

The name “Meribo” was developed by owners Vinnie LeDonne and Gavin Jobe by mixing the Italian words “meridionale” meaning southern and “cibo” meaning food. This name embodied the concept behind the restaurant: to take traditional Italian dishes and incorporate more southern components such as collards, bacon and seafood. Besides these delicate Italian dishes, Meribo offers an array of wood-fired thin crust pizzas, which have come to be one of their top selling products.

Vinnie Ledonne, co-owner of the restaurant says, “we had a a dream a few years ago when we saw the lot and the timing wasn’t right. Now we have a beautiful restaurant that everyone seems to really love and that makes us so happy.”

The interior of the restaurant features all white walls and floors with hanging, black dome light fixtures  giving the restaurant a very clean and modern look. Another unique feature is the wood-fired oven in the corner equipped with a pizza bar for customers to enjoy the show. There is also a spacious patio area for guests to enjoy after dinner drinks.

“The unique thing about Meribo is that you can eat there and have a fancy dining experience or you can go with a group of friends and have a pizza and cocktail party and not feel out of place,” says Brooke Adams, a frequent diner at Meribo.

Business hours are 11a.m. to 9p.m. on Tuesday through Thursday and 11a.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays only, Meribo offers an exclusive brunch menu from 11a.m. until 2p.m. featuring bottomless mimosas, and even serves dinner until 9p.m. for anyone looking for a delicious Sunday fun day in the Covington area.


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