Money-saving fun comes to the Pennington Center

Students gained access to new ways to save money and stay active on campus.

Southeastern alumnus and professional trainer Anthony Cousin, a former marine and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and health studies, gives his opinion on why college gyms such as the Pennington should be easily accessible to students.

“I think it is great, students are there to decide their future careers in college,” said Cousin. “So you do not have the financial means to pay for gym memberships. Gyms range from $40 to $50. Expensive memberships can be $70, so having that implemented into your budget, it’s a really good deal for the college student. Especially since students are usually not the best at healthy eating, so you need that activity.”

While the price of other gyms may be out of reach for most college students, the semester fee for the Pennington Center is only $20 which is the equivalent of approximately $5 a month.

The Pennington Center is offering Southeastern students competitive sports opportunities with activities such as intramural and club sports. 

Students have the option to form teams in sports such as soccer, basketball, flag football and many others in the intramural league. The club sports is a step up from intramural, offering students the chance to create sports clubs as campus organizations and compete against other universities.

Currently there is only one club sport on campus, which is the Men’s Lacrosse Team. The lacrosse team has been on the campus for two years, and its players have helped to drum up interest in other club sports helping to create interest in a women’s lacrosse team. Director of Recreational Sports and Wellness Seth Thomas has big ambitions for growing club sports on campus.

“I’m trying to build sports club programs right now we only have one club that’s lacrosse,” said Thomas. “ So we’ve done some tabling and have had some interest expressed for different types of sports clubs.”

The Pennington Center’s facility also offers an array of different rooms, equipment and classes for students to work on their fitness. Senior business major Haley Washington uses the gym to work on her fitness journey and had help in her defeating the freshman 15.

“The gym on campus is great because it is an easy way for students to stay healthy, which is difficult to do in college,” said Washington. “Because without this gym people in dorms that can’t cook food or anything like that. They’re usually stuck with quick microwaveable meals which are usually high in calories. That’s where the freshman 15 kinds of comes from because they’re not able to get a home-cooked meal with the nutrients that they need and they start to gain weight.”

Washington explains her struggle with weight fluctuation while in college.

“When I started college I was a 120 pounds. At the beginning of my second semester of my senior year, I was 148. I didn’t really work out daily. And so once I started to really work out daily at the Pennington and get on top of it I lost 10 pounds in the first month or two.”


The Pennington Center offers a wide array of classes and activities for guest and has levels of ranging from beginner to advanced workout sessions. For those interested in activities at the Pennington visit the site


Students pose as the prepare to get physical in one of the many classes offered at the gym.

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