Mic Check Sets Hammond’s Weekend Jam

On an ordinary day, on an ordinary campus, Fred Minor and Jamon Kelson attend class, speak to their friends and work on homework. Both from the east side of New Orleans, Minor and Kelson themselves are not old friends. The bond between them is professional. Although, they go about their ordinary days like normal college students, on Thursday nights Minor and Kelson prepare Hammond’s weekend jam.

(Above: Jamon Kelson and Fred Minor get ready to go live on KSLU’s Mic Check. Video courtesy of Fred Minor.)

Mic Check is the Hip Hop and RnB show hosted by Minor and Kelson. Mic Check airs on KSLU every Thursday night from 9 p.m.-midnight. Minor and Kelson showcase well known music in the genre but also  encourage local artists to submit their work.

Mic Check stays on top of new music and presents it to Hammond listeners as soon as possible. Kelson said, “My favorite part of the show is the beginning. You start out with the songs that are hot, that just dropped last week.”

“We take great pride in, when an album drops- the radio has the first five singles… we like to find those tracks that nobody expects to hear on the radio,” said Minor, “we like to play what hasn’t been heard.”

The two men are different. Minor is a psychology major and found his way to radio through a mutual friend. Minor comes from a musical family but quit band in high school to play football.  Kelson is a communication major who worked hard to land a job at KSLU to further his degree and open up career opportunities. However, love of RnB and HipHop is certainly shared by both men and this comes through in their creativity and passion on the show.

Mic Check starts out with the latest in Hip Hop at a time when many Southeastern students and surrounding listeners are getting ready for a night out. Minor and Kelson get listers pumped up. At eleven, Mic Check slows things down and focuses more on RnB to bring the night to a chill close.

Minor and Kelson are looking forward to expanding content on the show by airing more interviews with local artists, creating access to shows that have already aired and expanding the show’s social media presence.

Local artists can find information on how to submit music to Mic Check here.


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