Men’s Olympic 2012 Road Race

London, UK- The Buckingham Palace Marching band provided the perfect dose of entertainment while spectators waited for the Olympic 2012 Men’s Road race competitors to arrive. They marched in a tight formation into the middle of the road the cyclists would soon pass through.

There were 144 cyclists competing for the gold medal in the Men’s Olympic road race on July 27.  Around 11a.m. one of the spectators, Jude Simmons, said, “I believe the bikers are supposed to arrive a little after 11.” It was apparent after a few hours that he had been misinformed and the cyclists would not be arriving until much later.

While many gave up waiting, there were always new spectators to replace them.  Peoples from all over the world were in attendance representing their countries with flags and attire.

The route included nine circuits of challenging loop around Box Hill. It started and finished at The Mall runway at Buckingham Palace. The bikers’ start times were sent to an electronic database via the antennae on their bikes, and their finishes will be recorded by 3 high-speed cameras.

The crowd stayed alert for the arrival of the cyclists by camping out near the guard rails with magazines and snacks.

People quickly got bored and were glad to be entertained during their wait.

Many groups of people were allowed to cross the street with the assistance of Olympic volunteers. They had to move the crowd out of the road quickly during the multiple times the road sweepers passed through to clean the road for the cyclists.

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