Men Strut Their Stuff for Women’s Heart Health

Winner Michael ScallanWinner Michael Scallan

[HAMMOND] – On Thursday, Feb. 15, seven select men competed in both physical and mental categories at Southeastern’s gym in order to raise money for the American Heart Association, and they did it all in heels.
SLU’s Rec Innovative Programming People Excited and Dedicated organization put on Southeastern’s first ever annual Womanless Beauty Pageant. RIPPED also concocted the idea. The pageant was put on in order to raise awareness during American Heart Month and in honor of American Heart Association’s theme of “Go Red for Women.” The theme was inspired due to the fact that heart-related diseases kill more women than men.
Southeastern’s men put on elegant dresses and wigs and competed in the categories of first strut, a question and answer segment, a talent competition, a dance off and a final strut. Awards were handed out at the end of the event, and the first place winner was awarded a $200 scholarship, a trophy, a sash and bragging rights as the first official “Southeastern Sweetheart.”
Edward Budd, the Northshore Director of the American Heart Association, was in attendance at the event and participated by asking the audience members questions about women’s heart health. Southeastern holds an annual “Tangi Heart Walk” in order to raise money for the American Heart Association. This was Budd’s first attendance of one of Southeastern’s American Heart Association fundraiser events. According to him, proceeds added up to about $140.
“I thought it was a fantastic, excellent event,” said Budd. “I’m really happy Southeastern is doing things like this for a wonderful cause.”
Judges for the event included Miss Southeastern and education major Jennifer Jarreau. According to her, judging was based on personality, how much fun the contestants were having and performance.
Female names of contestants included Dacy Kelly, Peggy Pendarvis, Charlenee’ Lagarosse, Porshay Palm, Uneek Watson, Saffire Scallan and Raggedy Anne Bro.
“It sounded like a fun thing to do, and gave me a chance to be something completely different,” said senior and second place winner in the competition Trent Palm, now also known as Porshay. He attributed his look to makeup provided by his girlfriend, who also assisted him in shopping for his outfit. “I actually had the fishnet stockings already.”
According to Amy Oberschmidt, the Assistant Director of Guest Services at Rec Sports, the pageant was so successful, they will be doing it again next year.
“The Northshore Director of the American Heart Association Eddie Budd said this was the most creative thing that’s ever been done in the southeast region,” said Oberschmidt.
First place winner Michael Scallan, character named and spelled “Saffire,” thanked several people upon receiving his crown, including Southeastern, those who assisted with his hair and makeup, and his fellow competitors.

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