Melting: The Independent Play

Shelbi Berthelot, with the help of the Southeastern Theatre department, directed and produced her first play called “Melting” by Eddie Zippered. The play opened on Monday, October 26th.

Berthelot is a Theatre major with a focus point in directing who wanted to showcase her talent by directing a play in her community. Berthelot spent days reading through plays and “Melting” stood out to her the most. The 15 minute play takes on the topic of friendship and dealing with death.unnamed (1)

Berthelot did not only direct the play and movements of the actors but also made sure to involved the audience. They began the play with a storyteller who sat among the crowd talking about fairy tales and interacted with the audience by asking them questions.  The storyteller then gave out several fairy tale books until she made it to the stage.

“I don’t just give directions; I give analogy that I can relate to which the actors know how to go with. The actors were a huge part of the success of the show,”said Berthelot.

“My character was a little boy named Timmy who was the creator of the snowmen, Brice and Crystal. The challenge of the role was portraying what the character wanted without having any lines but only through my physical actions,”said Business major Chelsey Davis.

The character, The Sun, played by Taylor Sinclair was a representation of death that melted the snowmen away. The Sun’s personality was timid but also regretful. Berthelot describes how instead of making The Sun’s costume yellow, they used a yellow light to portray The Sun’s rays.

unnamed (2)“There was a scene where one snowman received  a hat and scarf that she took for granted. She began to think she was better than the others and as the play continues she began to realize she was not better and had  became big-headed. Friendship is more important than material things,” said sophomore History major Zachary Rogers

The play not only entertained with laughter but ended with a standing ovation from the crowd.


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