Meal plans tailored for everyone

There are a variety of meal plans offered here at Southeastern. Residential students, commuters, Southeastern Oaks residents, and faculty/staff all have meal plans for dining on campus

The Southeastern Dining Service offers 13 meal plans for students and faculty/staff. There are two specifically for residential students, three for commuters/Southeastern Oaks residents, two for students living in Organizational Housing, two for any student and four for faculty/staff. According to, each plan offers combinations of various amounts of visits to The Mane Dish, the all-you-can eat restaurant on campus, and various amounts of Cub Cash.

Fallon Myers is the marketing coordinator for the Southeastern Dining Service and her biggest focus is promoting and selling meal plans. Myers used different promotion incentives during orientation like giveaways and free Chick-fil-a meals for the fall semester and saw a 40 percent increase in sales. Despite her success, Myers wants to see more students purchasing meal plans.SoutheastLASiteLogo-250x77

“Out of about 11,000 commuter students, only 1,000 have meal plans. My job is to up that number,” said Myers. “I’m trying to find ways that will show the meal plans’ value to students of all status.”

To add to their marketability, students can change plans within two weeks after classes start each semester. Myers says that most changes occur after students receive, or don’t receive, their financial aid. Those who do tend to buy more expensive plans and those who don’t tend to get cheaper ones. Students also tend to jump around from plan to plan due to not being satisfied.

Jermisha Frazier, senior athletic training major, says that she is happy with her meal plan. “I have the Voluntary Plan 3 which is suggested for commuter students. It gives me $300 in Cub Cash that I use at the fast food places and the Mane Markets throughout the campus. I mostly cook at my apartment during the week so it’s perfect.”

Purchases can be made on the Southeastern Dining Service website, through the CampusDish app and at the Dining Service Office located on the first floor of the Student Union.

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