May finals be ever in your favor

Excessive eating, lack of eating, tears, sleepless nights and sloppy clothes can only mean one thing.  Finals week has begun on Southeastern’s campus.  

Every student has a different way of preparing for this hectic week.  Jenna Scholvin, freshman criminal justice major, has four finals to take this week.

“I usually go to the library to study.  And my study habit is studying days before the test so the night before the test I can just review,” Scholvin said.

Finals week

Students get some last minute studying done outside of a classroom in D. Vickers Hall.

Freshman social work major Abbey Bethel has similar study habits.  

“I just study a few days before by repeating this information until it sticks.  I study best by myself, in my room,” Bethel said.  “I’m most worried about my major class, Social Work 101.  Finals week differs in that all of the tests are packed into one week, and many of them are comprehensive.”

Students are not the only ones who stress during this week.  Once students have taken the exams, professors face the task of grading each one in a timely manner.

History professor Charles Elliott teaches about 10 classes this semester, and grading must be completed for each.  

“At least two of those are on Moodle which always confounds me.  I guess I could use more patience at this time, or maybe more coffee, I’m not sure which would be the best thing,” he said.  “It makes me wonder, why don’t I do scantrons?  Why am I determined to stay with essay exams? What was I thinking?”

Although he worries for himself, Elliott worries for his students as well.  

“It’s a time of worry.  Because you worry that the students are overburdened with lots and lots of exams and you want them to do well… It’s kind of a high anxiety moment for us.  I know it’s a high anxiety moment for most students, but professors feel exactly the same way,” he said.   

During finals week, there is a good chance most study rooms in the library will be unavailable.

During finals week, there is a good chance most study rooms in the library will be unavailable.

Professor Elliott sees many changes in students behaviors during this week.

“A certain amount of meltdowns, a lot of anxiety and an awful lot of gaming.  Students try to game the system at the very end,” he said.

For some students, finals week is a last chance to make the semester count.  

“It’s my last test that I’m going to take in that class so I want to do my best on it.  And I have to study a lot because the tests are from the first day of class so it’s a lot of information,” Scholvin said.   

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