Mardi Gras Cancellation has Louisiana Natives in Shambles

Mardi Gras Cancellation has Louisiana Natives in Shambles

By: Alishea Taylor

New Orleans’ Mayor, LaToya Cantrell cancels Mardi Gras 2021 in hopes to slow the spread of the coronavirus and Louisiana residents are in distress.

“The holiday draws the state’s biggest tourist to the city of New Orleans is unnaturally empty this year”, said Jameala Davis, a New Orleans makeup artist. She continues— “usually I’m completely booked two-three months out by now with Zulu, parades and parties. I don’t know what to do with the down time.”

How many other businesses are struggling, or were looking forward to the business Mardi Gras brings in? On the contrary, Mardi Gras isn’t canceled; the holiday simply can’t be celebrated the traditional way.

Some are continuing the old traditions like decorating their Christmas trees and homes with Mardi Gras decors. Others are coming up with new celebrations. Kelly Washington said, she and friends are a having a small get together where they’ll play notable song such as “Do What ya Wanna”, drink and play man-made games.

Sounds like year 2021 is starting off just as untraditional as 2020 ended. With all the positive Mardi Gras solutions there are some individuals and organizations who understand, but not happy about not meeting in New Orleans.

Gregory Holmes, a member of the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club feels bias on the matter. He says, “We need to distance, for ourselves and others. We can also find a safe way to continue traditions that fill our pockets and spirits.”

Many of Louisiana’s residents were looking forward to Mardi Gras post the traumatic year everyone’s had; looks like they’ll be betting on Mardi Gras 2022.

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