M.A.D.E Men on Southeastern’s campus this fall


Amairi Cordova is striving to change the mentality of Southeastern’s African American male community.

Cordova, the president of Southeastern’s M.A.D.E. Men chapter notices the lack of positive African American male influences in the world. He, along with M.A.D.E. Men members, want to get this group of students interested in benefiting themselves.

M.A.D.E. stands for Mentoring Adolescents to Develop Excellence which ties to Cordova and the organizations’ efforts to positively impact and mold African American males on Southeastern’s campus.

Cordova was inspired to become president for M.A.D.E Men by previous members, who have since moved on and/or graduated. He was also inspired by the absence and dire need of positive African American males he saw in popular culture.

M.A.D.E. Men’s goal is to mentor students, specifically freshmen, to change the image of black males worldwide. Cordova personally notices that this generation of students is more focused on popular culture and what is cool. He wants to help them reach their full potential and have more opportunities to benefit themselves.

The organization plans to get their name out more on campus by utilizing social media and tabling in the union, uniformly dressed. They wear business casual every Monday and where their matching M.A.D.E. Men shirts for their events. Cordova believes the look of professionalism and uniformity will help them stand out to potential members.

Cordova mentioned a few events are in the works, including “Dear White People.” He hopes for this event to be somewhat of a discussion and open forum about the racial divide on Southeastern’s campus and to address stereotypes and how to avoid and overcome them. Cordova noticed while tailgating at the first home game this year, the predominantly Caucasian organizations were on one side of Friendship Circle while the predominantly African American organizations were on the other. He would like to know why this happened and how to get all organizations, regardless of race, to come together and make campus one unified body.

Another event M.A.D.E. Men is considering doing is Wednesday Night Live, which will consist of a basketball tournament with a 50/50 raffle, reminiscent to the event last year on Nov. 5, 2014. The way the raffle will work is that half of the profits will go to the winners and the other half will go towards their mentorship program. Cordova also wants M.A.D.E. Men to reach out and partner with other organizations to partner on events.

M.A.D.E. Men’s description “To mentor and cultivate young adult males to develop the perseverance of leadership and manhood, by the effective methods of leading by example and learning by doing” (Student Organizations).

M.A.D.E. Men organizational meetings are held weekly on Mondays at 7 p.m. in the Student Union Room 2202. The purpose of the meetings is to talk over possible and future events. Also, they address current social issues and help students succeed and have an encouraging influence on campus.



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