Louisianan’s Eager To Get Vaccinated

The number of Louisianan’s who’s completed their vaccine series now exceed the number of Louisianan’s who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 said Gov. John Bell during the press conference held Tuesday, March 9.

The Louisiana Department of Health announced march 3 the first Mass Vaccination Event using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Once fully vaccinated people like Ms. Carol McNeal will finally get to see her grandkids and meet he newest grandchild. “You have to do what’s necessary for the people you love, I haven’t seen my babies in almost a year said Ms. McNeal while waiting to receive her Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

The health department also stated the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a more durable vaccine, which makes it easier to handle. It can last up to three months in the refrigerator, whereas the other vaccines must be stored in very cold temperatures.

“Vaccine demand has been at an all time high since we’ve started giving the vaccines, we’ve been completely booked everyday” said Tyrone Morris Pharamcy Technician at Walgreens. 

During the press Conference Dr. Canner explained the three thing people who have been fully vaccinated can do. Fully vaccinated meaning 14 or more days out from completing a vaccine series for the second dose of Pfizer or Murderna or the one and done from Johnson & Johnson.

Once fully vaccinated, people can gather in small groups with other vaccinated people without social distancing or wearing of face mask, Vaccinated individuals can visit 1 family unit who is not vaccinated without needing to mask or distance and thirdly, vaccinated individuals do not need to quarantine should they come into contact with someone who is positive for Covid-19.

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