Louisiana Ren Fest

Entertainment, educational demonstrations, art, shopping and food is what keeps Hammond residents returning annually to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.


The Louisiana Renaissance Festival revelry always starts the first Saturday of November, and lasts for six weekends. That is every weekend in November and a weekend or two in December. It’s an opportunity to support artisans and do some Holiday shopping.


Hammond resident, Taylor Sinclair makes it a point to go every year. “I absolutely love Ren Fest! There is such a variety of different things and entertainment that could pertain to anyone of all ages.”


The Renaissance Festival recreates the English village of Albright during the renaissance time period. Many attendants dress up to go along with the theme.


Tara Bennett, Hammond resident, dressed up to match the theme and performed a dance at the Renaissance Festival. “I do this every year and each time I experience something different. I just love it!


For more information, visit http://www.larf.net/Directory.php.

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