Louisiana Mayor Candidate, Guy Huffine Expresses His Thoughts


There will be four men running for Mayor of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, a city of just over 5,000 people with a budget of 10.9 million dollars. They will face off in a primary election October 12, and If no candidate earns 51% (or more) of the votes, the two top contenders will face off in the general election November 7.

Guy Huffine, five year resident of Ponchatoula, Louisiana is a mayor candidate of the upcoming election. This is his first political run.

A former resident of New Orleans for many years, Huffine moved to Ponchatoula, with high hopes of living in a great community. Huffine has mentioned that his neighbors have made a tremendous impact on his decision to run for mayor because they are great people.  He says he has made the decision to run for mayor of Ponchatoula because he wants to make a difference in the community.

“Brown water” and dwindling businesses in the downtown area are two of his main concerns. Huffine remarked, “I’ve had my own businesses since I was 18 and in that time have handled 10’s of millions of dollars.” He explained that with his business and contacts, he could bring more interests into Ponchatoula.

Huffine said that he is different from other candidates because he has managed companies for thirty-plus years. He added that he would seek experts to help solve infrastructure problems and the problems he has seen in the business community. “I want to make sure the (budget) money goes to the right places, to the right projects,” expressed mayor candidate. He has also stated that the city’s basic organization needs a “complete overhaul,” especially relating to the sewage and drainage systems.

As for political experience, Huffine expressed that he is a first-time candidate, not a career politician, but he is a career businessman. As for his political affiliation, he is a registered Republican and has been for the past six or seven years. 

When asked if political party had any influence on the election, Huffine replied “Doesn’t matter- people want a good man in there, to do good things for the community. Having a political party doesn’t have much to do with it.”  The mayor candidate then added, “The main purpose in having political office is to try to do good for the community.” He reiterated the importance of having someone in office that is going to do good for the locals.

 Huffine expressed that the biggest surprise so far in this race has been the negativity from some of the people he has met. He said that because he is the “new guy in town” some people do not have pleasant things to say because they have become so comfortable with the current office holders. He also mentioned that addressing various concerns of the public has been the hardest part of running for office so far. “You’ll have people out there that can’t be satisfied,” Huffine explains.

The candidate’s opinion on having term limits in the mayor’s office was that every mayor should have a term limit. “A person can get comfortable with no term limit and nothing gets done. I think new blood every eight years would be good.”

Guy Huffine has largely funded his campaign through personal resources and a few donations. He said, “It all depends on how you run your campaign; I’ve spent roughly $6,000 so far, and at the end of the race I’ll probably have spent between ten to twenty thousand.”  Mayor candidate has stated that he is prepared for whatever comes his way during this election. “Nothing surprises me. Every day is a new surprise and I’m ready for it,” exclaimed Guy Huffine, 2019 Ponchatoula, Louisiana Mayor Candidate

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