Louisiana Gubernatorial Debate 2015

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As known on Oct. 24, 2015 there will be a Louisiana Gubernatorial Election. The candidates are Republicans David Vitter, Scott Angelle, Jay Dardenne and Democrat John Bel Edwards.

On Thurs, Oct. 22 a few of Southeastern’s communication majors participated in a mock forum about what candidate they wanted to vote for and what each of them stood for.

Annessa De La Cruz represented on the only Democratic candidate, John Bel Edwards. De La Cruz went on to explain that even though all the candidates wanted the same issues resolved (healthcare, education, and budgets) Edwards wanted something more. De La Cruz said that what stood out about Edwards was that he focused on mental health care and Veterans. Edwards has been working with two of the top mental facilities in Louisiana and plans on opening up more if elected. Also she appreciates how Edwards plan to offer benefits for our Veterans after they have served.  Her last point was that unlike the other candidates, Edward want to make sure that smaller cities, such as Amite and Hammond, are heard. Even though New Orleans and Baton Rouge are the two largest cities in Louisiana, many of the smaller cities makes a big difference in the vote.

Another student that gave a speech was Damaris Clark. Clark discussed her views and opinions on candidate Jay Dardenne. Her speech focused on budget cuts in Louisiana, tourism, and higher education. Clark sees Dardenne as the ideal governor because he has been on over 50 satellite television appearances and has made the effort to give college students the money for a higher education. He has cut $300 million in TOPS and plans to continue rewarding students that have the grades. He believes that we need to stop the 1.6 dollar deficit and provide more ways to earn money instead of spending.

Ricky Poche, also in favor of Jay Dardenne, said “If I had to chose one main reason why I would vote for Dardenne it would be because of his plan for higher education. This is his top priority and he thinks that this is the secret to Louisiana’s future and a way out of poverty.”                                                                                                                      IMG_5757

The forum also included differences between Scott Angelle and David Vitter.

Angelle wanted the same of Dardenne but he also wanted to include a policy on taxes. He wanted more people of Louisiana to pay less instead of less people paying more. This would later help in improving the facilities of our school and offering more money to help educational programs.

Vitter on the other hand wanted to focus more the independent lifestyle. He is focused on helping the working middle class and improving the quality of roads.

Dr. Claire Procopio allowed the audience to ask questions for the speakers and allow them to answer. (video below)

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