Louisiana Film Productions Rank 3rd Most Popular in U.S.

It may come as a surprise to some, but since Louisiana’s government enacted the Louisiana Motion Picture Tax Incentive Act in 2002, the numbers of film projects in the state have grown exponentially. So much in fact, that Louisiana is ranked as the 3rd most desirable state for film, behind only New York and California.

The Act creates a 30% tax credit for film projects that exceed $300,000. This is likely to be the primary cause for the rapid growth of the entertainment industry in Louisiana. According to FBT Film & Entertainment, the Act also provides an additional 5% tax credit if the payroll is primarily consistent of Louisiana residents.

This encourages film projects to include local crewmembers.

Students at Southeastern Louisiana University have positive thoughts on the growing film industry.

Jonathan Crain, a junior at SELU, says that he enjoys movies that were filmed in New Orleans. “I’d have to say one of my favorite movies is Déjà Vu, with Denzel Washington. It’s such an awesome movie and the fact that it was filmed in New Orleans somehow makes it better.”

Allen Cutrer, an Electronic Media Communication major, says, “It’s good to know that the entertainment industry is growing in New Orleans. It increases my chance to get a job there when I graduate.”

New Orleans aside, the film industry is a growing business as more states are enacting their own tax incentives for film projects. Here’s a chart representing film production positions from early 2010 to September 2011. 

Not only has New Orleans seen production of notable films like The Green Lantern, Interview with a Vampire, The Skeleton Key, The Cincinnati Kid, etc., but it will also see production of many more in the near future.

Perhaps in a couple of years, our beloved Crescent City will earn the new nickname “The Hollywood South”.

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